Follow your Intuition


Follow your Intuition, it some how knows what you need…

Yesterday, after a coaching session in Westfield I got a little whisper as I was leaving… ‘Go to Boots, they have your shampoo’
Now, the interesting thing is this, my favourite shampoo (OGX tsubaki blossom 🌸) was discontinued at the end of last year… @mikerhookstyle


I have been searching for it everywhere. I even checked the same Boots last Saturday morning. So, my first response was ‘No, I checked there…’ Then, I followed through… And behind some crates that I had to move out of the way, on a bottom shelf I saw the corner of a lilac bottle…. 😊 Could it be…??? I found 3 sets hidden there.. 😀 Bought them all 👏👏👏 These should last a while 😁

So moral of the story, follow your Intuition, that whisper you hear guiding you… It will help you, guide you, even entertain you sometimes 😁😂😁😎 It doesn’t always have to be about the big stuff…

Thank you Boots… You made my month @bootsuk ❤ 

Thank you @ogx_beauty  for such a great shampoo and conditioner… Maybe you could consider reinstating it…???


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FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real

Stop hiding behind fear and live!

Why do we have so much FEAR?

Realistically what could happen…? Take me for example, I have been wanting to do this blog for such a long time. I had loads of ideas and so many topics I wanted to write about… First, it took me ages to set it up, so my excuse was ‘I don’t know how to set the blog up, so can’t write’, then a friend of mine helped me set it all up and I could no longer use that excuse. I have had this ready for 3 months now, and realised I was afraid of writing something, of putting myself out there… of simply starting. But WHY? What could possibly happen to me that would be so horrible??? Well nothing, someone might have their opinion and I might not like it, so what? Is it really that important what others may or may not think or say about us…???

Although, I have been saying that what others think or say doesn’t matter or change me… obviously I have been afraid of getting myself out here. Well I’m over it!!!

So, is FEAR real??? Well, in our day to day life many people fear so many things that when you stop to think can’t harm or effect you in any way unless you allow them to… Our Fear is in our minds, our thoughts and feeling about things.

For example, and I’m sure this goes for a few people, being afraid of your Boss/Manager. What can they possibly do to you??? They can’t hit or harm you in any physical way because quite frankly they will loose their job, and could be arrested… firing you unless it is for a very good reason with lots of evidence is also difficult… And here is where things are your responsibility, if you are doing your job as you should be, including punctuality and attendance then there is no reason anyone could have to sack you… Right? So why are you afraid…? They are probably far more insecure, if they have to do their job by causing others to fear them… Quite frankly by being afraid you are playing right into their hands.

Your behaviors when you are afraid will also affect how others act towards you, it’s your responsibility to be aware of how you’re feeling and the behaviours that causes. By being fearful people may perceive you as weak, or not capable and this will change how they treat you.

Fear of doing things is also absurd if you think about it, why do you fear it? Why do you fear having a specific conversation, doing a particular task, going places…???

Stop hiding behind fear and Live! Fear stops us from doing many things… Most of the time there is no reason for our fear, the feeling is made up by us to keep us safe, however we end up fearing ourselves. We don’t do things because of unfounded fears we put in place, like being afraid to do something because of what people may think… Who cares what they think… Or being afraid to fail… Better fail than never try…

 If you can think it and believe it you can achieve it – Napoleon Hill



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You Alone are Enough

You alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anyone

You alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anyone. You don’t need the opinion, validation, permission or justification of anyone but yourself. If you are waiting for someone to validate your dreams and desires and give you permission to go for it, you are wasting your time… Just go for what you want regardless of others opinions… If it doesn’t work the first time keep trying, keep tweaking the process, formula, fine-tune the methods, but don’t stop going for it… Re-focus, keep creating…

 If you can think it and believe it you can achieve it – Napoleon Hill


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