Do or Do Not….

Do or Do Not… Image from Starwars – Lucas Films

Try Not… Do or Do Not… There is no Try…

Yoda – Star Wars

Ever been asked to go out somewhere and you say ‘I’ll try’ with no intention of going…??? Or ‘I’m going to try to go to the gym’ and never make it…?

Try often means ‘I’m not going to do it’ or ‘I don’t want to’ or ‘I don’t believe I can do it’…. I’m sure you can think of other examples.
Chosing to do something should be definite… Either you say ‘yes I’m going to do it’ or ‘no I won’t do that’. Being able to make a definite decision is very powerful. That way you can say yes and move forward or No and forget about it. Then whatever the ‘thing’ is, its not playing around in your mind, it’s not causing you any stress or worry. ‘Should I, shouldn’t I… maybe, not sure, don’t really feel like it…’ The many things that we waist time deciding or not wanting to make a commitment to anything. it’s always either a Yes or a No in the end so why put yourself through hours, sometimes days or longer pondering on something that can be easily decided. You must learn to make a choice…

Just like stress and worry, if you can do something about something that is bothering you, then do it… But if there is nothing you can do, let it go…

Giving yourself a command and following it through… Instead of wishy washy, maybe, try, one day, I could but… and so on, will help you achieve goals, give you more confidence, and be percived as a person that knows what they want and will stand by a decision. Wether it works out or not is just another opportunity to learn…

If you can think it and believe it you can achieve it – Napoleon Hill


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Follow your Intuition


Follow your Intuition, it some how knows what you need…

Yesterday, after a coaching session in Westfield I got a little whisper as I was leaving… ‘Go to Boots, they have your shampoo’
Now, the interesting thing is this, my favourite shampoo (OGX tsubaki blossom 🌸) was discontinued at the end of last year… @mikerhookstyle


I have been searching for it everywhere. I even checked the same Boots last Saturday morning. So, my first response was ‘No, I checked there…’ Then, I followed through… And behind some crates that I had to move out of the way, on a bottom shelf I saw the corner of a lilac bottle…. 😊 Could it be…??? I found 3 sets hidden there.. 😀 Bought them all 👏👏👏 These should last a while 😁

So moral of the story, follow your Intuition, that whisper you hear guiding you… It will help you, guide you, even entertain you sometimes 😁😂😁😎 It doesn’t always have to be about the big stuff…

Thank you Boots… You made my month @bootsuk ❤ 

Thank you @ogx_beauty  for such a great shampoo and conditioner… Maybe you could consider reinstating it…???


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