Follow your Intuition


Follow your Intuition, it some how knows what you need…

Yesterday, after a coaching session in Westfield I got a little whisper as I was leaving… ‘Go to Boots, they have your shampoo’
Now, the interesting thing is this, my favourite shampoo (OGX tsubaki blossom 🌸) was discontinued at the end of last year… @mikerhookstyle


I have been searching for it everywhere. I even checked the same Boots last Saturday morning. So, my first response was ‘No, I checked there…’ Then, I followed through… And behind some crates that I had to move out of the way, on a bottom shelf I saw the corner of a lilac bottle…. 😊 Could it be…??? I found 3 sets hidden there.. 😀 Bought them all 👏👏👏 These should last a while 😁

So moral of the story, follow your Intuition, that whisper you hear guiding you… It will help you, guide you, even entertain you sometimes 😁😂😁😎 It doesn’t always have to be about the big stuff…

Thank you Boots… You made my month @bootsuk ❤ 

Thank you @ogx_beauty  for such a great shampoo and conditioner… Maybe you could consider reinstating it…???


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